Your mom

loves me.



Something is brewing

I’m working out a plan…soon to be revealed…



My year in review…

A year ago I sat at this same computer and wrote about New Year’s…and here we are 365 days later doing the exact same thing.

I have mixed feelings about 2009. It was not the best year for me but it wasn’t terrible either.

Where I went…
Thanks to work and a few vacation days I traveled to Puerto Rico, Nassau Bahamas, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Florida and Ensenada Mexico.

New Friends…
I was blessed with new friends this year. Eavie and the treehouse crew…Mike Kaminsky and his roommates and extended friends. I feel like I was welcomed into a very cool and fun group of people. Additionally, Margo from work has become an awesome new friend and reminds me of my beef Sheila…awesome!

Some good things that happened to me…
I finally got the Associate Editor position at Tiger Beat, I bleached my hair out, I ran a marathon, I got to take my mom on a cruise, had a piece of art in an art show.

The bad…
I lost a friend by being honest with them. Anything else shitty that happened to me this year pales in comparison to having silence between me and someone I can’t and don’t want to stop caring about. It just proved how scary honesty can be and what can be lost by such a gamble.

The Now…
So tonight, I will be on an adventure with Sheila…we’ll see where the night takes us. Happy Birthday Okyoung Chang, Hello 2010…



Miss you.





I love this…



I was on a cruise over the weekend from Long Beach to Ensenada and back…it was full of shitty food, fun times, a failed almost but not really make out, too much booze and watching Slumdog Millionaire twice back to back.

Now I’m back in LA and started my Christmas shopping this morning via Amazon…hitting up the mall at lunch to get a few more things and then home to practice violin. This weekend will be busy with holiday stuff and next Wed. I’ll be home to “ho ho ho” the holiday away with my high school friends and bake lots of good stuff.

The thing I really want for Christmas is someone I loosely reference to and send messages to on this blog to call me, text me, email me…anything to signal some sort of friendship reconciliation.

You have no idea how much you are missed and how much I think about you. ❤

So now it's back to work and moving on with the day…